Frequently Asked Questions

What is WP Support Pros?

Put simply, we are expert WordPress users who offer our services to clients at a low monthly cost and help their business to grow.

What is included in the trial?

The 7 day free trial includes 1 support ticket, our managed services (uptime monitoring, security, etc.), and a 1 week performance report.

How does the on boarding proceed work?

The onboarding process starts at the beginning of your trial. We request through a secure channel credentials to access your WordPress website. After we confirm all the details, you may starting submitting request. We have a full breakdown and easy to follow list once you sign up.

What are your working hours and response times?

Our standard business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm CST. This is when most of our support is done. Once we receive a ticket we have a average 30 minute response, with a 1 hour resolution time frame. For higher plans we do have extended hours and weekend support available.

What kind of support request can I submit?

A general rule of thumb is this: If it deals with edits, changes, revisions then we can take care of this. If it deals with any new development whether that is website pages, content, forms, plugins, etc then it usually falls out of our support plan and into our development services.

How many websites can I have on each plan?

Each plan covers 1 website. We have found that focusing 1 website on each plan makes for a better result and experience for both us and our clients.

How many support request can I submit?

You can submit unlimited request to us! Just do keep in mind, we will work on each one and once resolved move to the next one so it may take some time.

Do you support WooCommerce websites?

Yes we do! We have a team of Ecommerce websites that solely focus on this part of your WordPress experience. Be sure you get one of our supported plans for Woocommerce.

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